For the love of the Cricut

20 Jan

cakerypapery got amped up this Christmas. My delightful sister and frequent cakerypaperite, got me a Cricut Expression. And, while she didn’t splurge for the pink version, it’s still pretty awesome. You pronounce it ‘cricket,’ like the chirp-chirp bug kind.

The first successful Cricut card from the papery.

If I’m completely honest…there were a few (aka many) unsuccessful Cricut cards before I got the hang of it.

If you’re into card making, I would definitely recommend a Cricut. It takes a little to get used to, and is definitely a machine that will enable a paper-rubber cement-craft supply buying habit…but it’s well worth it.


One Response to “For the love of the Cricut”

  1. CW Buoy January 27, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

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