My Mom is awesome, but that book is cursed.

31 Jan

My mom is awesome sauce.

She taught me how to cook. And that you should eat the broken cookies before someone sees them. And she’s very crafty, especially skilled in sewing buttons back onto a certain red coat of mine.

But what makes her most awesome is that she always has my back.

Take this weekend. My dad was grilling me like a juicy steak about why I wasn’t seeing a guy I had been dating anymore.

Dad: “Come on, give me some dirt!”

Mom: “The only dirt you need to know is that if he doesn’t like our daughter then that guy is a dirtbag!”

And that is why I love my mom.

See, she even laughs when I do funny things to my pregnant sister.

(In related news, I swear the ex-boyfriend book I used to craft is cursed. While it did make amazingly good paper flowers, said paper flowers were displayed at a party where aforementioned guy-i’m-no-longer-seeing decided that he just wasn’t that into me. Bad ex-boyfriend book karma?)


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