Bake it Forward

30 Mar

How far would you go to make someone smile?

I’ve got this aunt. She’s awesome. And super fun. And she let me wear lipstick when I was nine. Or maybe eight.

And I pretty much thought she couldn’t get any more awesome until yesterday.

When I got this.

Bake it forward.

The concept is simple.



Spread the bake love.

Track your tin.

Because a cup of kindness goes a long way. I love this. It’s like asking to borrow a cup of sugar from your neighbor only you’re not asking, you’re just sending a bunch of sugary goodness.

I love this entire idea. It’s so simple and straightforward and it captures one of the best things about baking–you get to make people smile. Like I did last night when I came home and I had a) a package to open and b) said package was filled with awesome sauce.

And hello, who doesn’t want a polka-dot magnet?

My aunt knows me pretty well, because she included a note, with instructions that I must find a young, hip way to spread happiness via baked goods. Because then I can trademark it, become fabulously wealthy, and spend my days eating bon-bons and baking cakes.

Or, I’ll buy a Mega Millions ticket.

On the topic of sugary goodness, Bake it Forward is from the Imperial Sugar Company. We don’t have Imperial Sugar here in Upstate NY, but the name sounds fancy.

To learn more about Bake it Forward and the happiness movement, click here.

**On a side note, I also came home to bon-bons yesterday, in the form of a delicious goodness known as sponge candy. Sponge candy is my absolute favorite thing in the world and probably reason #257 why my mom is rocks.


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