Good Friday Finds

6 Apr

It’s Good Friday. And these finds are really good. Get it? These are good Friday finds…and it’s Good Friday. LOLLLLLL.

(I should probably file this in the “funnier in my head than out loud” folder…)

My latest share-worthy good find is Of a Kind: Know and Own.

So what exactly is Of a Kind? Each week, the site features a different designer and his or her work. There are photos and stories and interviews and how-tos and the like. Plus the site has a great blog with style ideas, cool places to check out in different cities, and other interesting things to think about.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL…there’s more.

In addition to showcasing fabulous up-and-comers, the featured designer creates a limited-edition piece to be sold on the site. Like these bracelets. Thirty of a kind.

You don’t need a special invitation or anything like that to shop on Of a Kind. And the editions stay up until they are sold out, with a new edition released every few days. Did someone say New Edition?

If you love uniquely beautiful things, good finds, or just like owning pieces that are limited edition, you’ll really enjoy browsing the site. You can few current and past editions here.

Okay, I’m going to cool it now.

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