The Summer Bucket List

20 Jun

Lately, I’m obsessed with making bucket lists. They give me this odd sense of calm, as if adding things to a list makes the possibilities more real.

I have bucket lists for everything: the travel list, the scuba diving list, the before-I-turn-thirty list, the before I’m married list, the general things I’d like to do before I’m dead list. Like I said. Obsessed.

But the thing about bucket lists is, you never seem to actually do anything off the lists. So this summer I’m actually going to try to do everything that I have on my summer bucket list.

Here’s what I have on the list so far:

  • Refresh and reorganize my porch
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Train for a full marathon
  • Take my niece to the zoo
  • Get a really nice tan
  • Spend one full Sunday each month doing nothing
  • Visit my college roommate
  • Become really good at piping frosting
  • Make a twelve-layer cake
  • Figure out how to use my SLR camera
  • Host a cocktail party
  • Clean out my closet
  • Craft one item per month off my “DIY Wow List” pinterest board
  • Lose ten pounds (and hopefully never find them again!)
  • Write on my blog at least three times a week

In the spirit of being a YES, here’s to hoping I get it all done!

What is on your summer bucket list? What are you looking forward to doing this summer?


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