Living off Samples: My Travel Bag

10 Jul

July marks a busy, hectic month of work travel. And despite what one might think, business travel IS NOT as glamorous as it seems. Unless, of course, you are the owner of say…a private plane…WHICH I AM NOT.

What frustrates me most of about traveling for work (and in general) is the 3 oz. plane rule. I hate that I can’t just clear my bathroom counter off into my bag. And don’t even get me started on checked bag fees. Carry on bags? Not nearly large enough for wedge sandals.

Which brings me to my “do not fly” list of products and tools.

  1. Hair dryer: Any decent hotel will have one in the room. Not as nice as my T3, but it works.
  2. Body lotion: Just use what is at the hotel. Hotels carry everything from Aveda to Bath & Body Works products—a far cry from the Ivory soap it used to be.
  3. Shampoo: See #2. Unless of course, my hair is freshly colored.
  4. Shaving cream: A quick substitute is either body lotion or hair conditioner. Sample-size shave creams really just take up too much space.

For my “must haves”—

  1. Chi flat iron: Especially in summer heat, I need one of these. Almost 100 degrees in Indy? Bring it.
  2. Face lotion: I’m pretty particular about brand, and luckily the kind I buy comes in an under 3 oz. container.
  3. Orofluido hair oil: Without it, my mane is more-lionish and less the smooth yet bouncy look I go for.
  4. Rohto eye drops: Cooling, eye brightening, and dry eye relief. Just what I need to get rid of the “I took the red eye flight” look.

The 3 oz. rule plus carry-on bag fees have definitely changed how I pack. Products that I swear by at home are given up for hotel substitutes and whatever I can track down that comes in a sample size. (FYI—Target has the best sample giveaways…and Birchbox=love)

And even when I don’t fly, when the trip involves driving, I find myself sticking to my travel rules, even though I could bring more bags with more stuff. So I’m wondering—

What have you learned to live without while traveling?

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