More than sugar.

19 Jul

I love you more than sugar.

Which, is saying a lot for me. Because I really, really, really love sugar.

I also really enjoy envelope liners, like the pink stripe one on I put inside the love sugar DIY card. It really gives stationary something extra. Most people won’t notice envelope liners, but for the ones that do, I like to think they are a nice little surprise when you open the envelope.

Envelope liners are an easy DIY. Create a stencil from a piece of cardstock—for these A7 envelopes it’s sort of a trapezoid shape. You don’t need to line the whole envelope—the top flap and a bit into the bottom area. Trace your stencil onto patterned paper and then cut out the liner. Using thinner weight paper is best; I would avoid anything that is cardstock weight or heavier. When you glue in the liner, make sure you don’t glue over the envelope seal part. Lesson #567 that I learned the hard way…

And then you’re done! An easy DIY addition to a homemade card, or to store-bought cards as well.


One Response to “More than sugar.”

  1. Cakerypapery Sister July 19, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

    I even was special enough to get one!

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