The Bucket List Check-in.

15 Aug

So I started the summer off with a pretty big bucket list of “to-do’s,” since summer lasts about five minutes in Rochester.

So far, I’ve been doing…okay. Here’s where I stand:

  • Refresh and reorganize my porch: In progress. Deck scrubbed (goodbye beer pong stains), glider chair assembled, new chairs purchased on sale at Chez Target. I even ate dinner out there on Sunday night. Now, I just need to get some good lighting and outdoor candles.
  • Run a half-marathon: Completed. Ran the Shoreline Half Marathon on July 21.
  • Train for a full marathon: In progress. Officially signed up to run the Corning Wineglass on September 30.
  • Take my niece to the zoo: Planned. Hoping to take my niece and my beautiful goddaughter to the zoo at the end of August.
  • Get a really nice tan: Ehhh…it’s been raining and cloudy on Sunday for the past month. Hoping for better luck this weekend.
  • Spend one full Sunday each month doing nothing: In progress. It’s hard to do. Honest.
  • Visit my college roommate: Just returned from a visit with my grad school roommate. Does this count?
  • Become really good at piping frosting: Haven’t piped frosting in weeks. Shame rattle.
  • Make a twelve-layer cake: I still have time, right?
  • Figure out how to use my SLR camera: Um. Yeah…about that
  • Host a cocktail party: Check.
  • Clean out my closet: Who am I kidding with this? I’m a hoarder.
  • Craft one item per month off my “DIY Wow List” pinterest board: Just file this with the twelve-layer cake.
  • Lose ten pounds (and hopefully never find them again!): Not going so well. I’ve been eating lots of cake. And boozing like a fish. Must work harder at marathon training.
  • Write on my blog at least three times a week: I am such a blog slacker. And I was doing so good for a while there! There is a reason I’ve been slacking, and it’s not work, I swear! It’s that now I’m cakerypapery, girlfriend. Yes, you read that correctly…it’s a bit scary but really exciting and new and fresh.

So, the first day of Fall is September 22. Which leaves me just about 40 days to finish up the list. Here’s to having fun trying!

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