Friday Find: Vintique iPhone Photo App

31 Aug

You know the saying, “the best camera you own is the one you have with you?” So. True.

Sure, I have a nice Canon T2i, but most times I snap photos on my iPhone, because that’s what I have with me. Which is why I’m obsessed with phone photo apps. It’s the closest thing you can get to having Photoshop on your iPhone.

My favorite new iPhone photo app is Vintique. It has enough filters, frames, and effects that you could make 70,560 different versions of the same photo—and that’s not including the editable portions of each effect.

You start with a new photo or one from your library. Move and scale til you have the crop you want.

You can adjust color, saturation, the exposure, gamma, and so on if you want.

Then add a filter. Vintique has 32 different filters, and each one can be customized. This one is ‘dark mood.’

I picked ‘warm day.’

Next add a vignette or texture. There are 19 vignettes and 26 different textures you can add.

Then pick from one of the 49 different frames.

Vintique has one-step sharing, and you can also import the photos into your Instagram account if you want too.

Or just save to your phone.


Vintique is $0.99 and well worth it, if you like vintage photo effects.


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