My Novel. On a Notecard.

6 Sep

I can’t stop making stationary lately.

I love paper. And I love mailing it.

The part I get most excited about, what I love the most, is imagining the person’s face when the card gets opened.

For me, the second I see an envelope in the mailbox which isn’t a bill and is clearly a card, I start picturing what’s inside. Love note? An invitation? Just someone saying hello?

I made this one about my novel.

And then I sent it to Texas.

The card is a bit of a font-a-thon, but I still like it.

And, surprisingly?  It doesn’t take that long for mail to get to Texas from Upstate NY.


One Response to “My Novel. On a Notecard.”

  1. Nine Cent Girl September 10, 2012 at 7:53 pm #

    Love this idea of a novel card… love the idea of bringing back the USPS too!

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