It’s Almost Here! Fall TV Premiere Week!

18 Sep

This weekend and next week mean good things. FALL TV IS BACK.

Being that I don’t have cable (one of the best decisions I ever made), I get pretty excited about fall premieres. It means I have a fresh batch of TV for watching on Hulu…and at my parents’ house with their ever-so-convenient on demand feature. They still have good cable.

There are three shows that I’m especially looking forward to:

  1. Scandal, September 27 at 10 p.m., ABC. If you didn’t catch the brief 7 episode first season, head over to Hulu and watch it immediately. It’s West Wing mixed with Grey’s Anatomy. It’s juicy, it’s just in time for election season, and it’s got Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope. I want her wardrobe, I want her job, I want her friends. Just watch.
  2. CSI/Hawaii Five-O/NCIS/NCIS-LA, Various, CBS. I love a good old-fashioned CBS crime drama. The summer is when I catch up on repeats of last season, and usually end up falling in love with a show for fall. This summer, I fell back in love with CSI and I discovered Hawaii Five-O. Alex O’Loughlin anyone? Enough said. Add these to the NCIS’s, and I’ve got four great shows that I can come into and out of at any point in the season, with each neatly packaged 43-minute storyline.
  3. American Idol, sometime in the future, Fox. Look at the picture below. Can you get any more awkward? This is worth watching for the sheer entertainment of Mr. Nicole Kidman Keith Urban being trapped between Glitter and a chick who has a Facebook fan page for her butt. Seacrest looks like he’s stopping frosting his tips, don’t you think?

Other shows I’m contemplating are The Mob Doctor (possible replacement for House? It looks halfway decent in previews at least) and tuning back in for the Grey’s/Private Practice drama. I don’t have high hopes for Grey’s or Private Practice this time around, as both shows have started to border on the ridiculous. Come on here—a shooting, a sinkhole, someone getting hit by a bus, husbands dying, brain cancer, and now a plane crash? I know it’s been nine seasons, but this much bad stuff doesn’t happen to one group of people. And the Addision love triangle on PP? Like that’s anything new. I saw Sam proposing a mile away.

I can probably make it one more season with the Grey’s/PP crew, and then I’m jumping ship.

What shows are you looking forward to for fall? What are you picking up or bailing out on?


One Response to “It’s Almost Here! Fall TV Premiere Week!”

  1. Cakerypapery Sister September 19, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    Scandal. Obvi.

    I also am looking forward to Revenge…though the season finale was a little underwhelming. The other show I like is Once Upon a Time and that had an awesome last few episodes.

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