Friday Find: Timex Weekender, a.k.a. the J.Crew watch

28 Sep

I have a serious affinity for J.Crew’s Timex watch series. Straight love.

What I don’t love is the price point. I’m working hard to stay on a budget and save, so $150 is a bit steep for what would be my second/additional/unnecessary watch.

Which is why I’m enthralled with my new Timex Weekender watch.

I first saw the weekender in a J.C. Penny ad, and thought “wow, that looks a lot like the J.Crew watch. And it’s only $32???”

Here’s a side by side view.

Timex Weekender watch on the right. J. Crew watch on the left.

Sure, the J.Crew watch has more detailing in the face, but are those additional details worth $120? I think not.

(And if right now you are thinking that you’re “too good” to shop at JCP and are shuddering at the thought, check yo’ self. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.)

Did I mention that since I’ve started wearing my less expensive¬†ohmygodsheboughtitatTarget watch, about a half-dozen people have complimented me on my ‘J.Crew Timex’ watch?

Pretty much exactly the same.

And considering that they are both made by Timex…I’m pretty sure they are.


One Response to “Friday Find: Timex Weekender, a.k.a. the J.Crew watch”

  1. dad September 29, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    JCP watch is probably easer to read also

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