Friday Find: Pinterest, You are Drunk.

1 Feb

Some emails are, by the nature of their contents, much better than others.

They have a subject line that goes something like this:

This is hilarious.

This is amazing.

This shit is freaking hilarious.


And the message? It’s usually one line, maybe two. And it’s actually funny, as promised in the subject line.

This week? It was:

And now I can’t stop laughing. And I’m anticipating that my productivity will start to creep towards…zero once I get sucked in…which…is…happening just about…NOW.

Let’s just say I would love it if I was sent this New Year’s Eve invite.

Also, thinking of making this recipe. Thoughts?

Shout out to LKS for sending such an epic find.

B-T-dubs, if you send me emails that are not funny, don’t freaking bother. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

At least title your email something appropriate like,”reading this will be a colossal waste of your time because I’m filling it with the best mediocre content I can find so just delete in advance.”

But seriously, don’t bother.


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