Blinding Nemo

9 Feb

Or, as us Rochester people refer to it, “winter.”

Given that I live practically in Canada, I shouldn’t be in the least freaked out by winter storm Nemo. But since I’m high maintenance unprepared for snow, I’m hiding out at my parents house for the weekend. Meaning, I need to be someplace with rations, both the food and crushed grape variety.

And since there is only so much L&O: SVU I can watch (hulu+? LOVE IT), I’ve discovered SEVERAL amusing things on the interwebs during my stay at Cellar Klem.

  1. A CNN article which refers to people in California needing “tire chains” since there was TWO INCHES of snow on the ground. Man up, California. 
  2. This odd but sort-of-worth-coveting iPad toilet paper standIt’s just what I need to complete my shoilet.
  3. And Maleficent is only 14 on this countdown of the Disney crazy? Although the creepy coachman from Pinocchio is straight out of an episode of Criminal Minds crossed with an acid trip.
  4. Lil’ Kim. WTF? You did this to your face? ON PURPOSE? That girl is cray cray.

And my most favorite thing.

(So far.)

The. Best. Bachelor. Recap. Ever. Can I be friends with this guy? Please? Pretty please? You had me at “homeless pirate with a latte.”

Now, if you excuse me, I’ve got some more L&O to catch up on.


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