Friday Find: Jeah boy!

5 Apr

Do you ever have that moment, where, when faced with one of life’s deepest mysteries…you wonder…


Well, wonder no more. America’s sexiest d-bag is getting his own show, courtesy of a fine purveyor of cinematic artistry.

Who are we kidding. The show is slated to be on E!

Did I ever mention that one time, when I was like 10, I was at the same summer swim camp as Ryan Lochte? This was back when he was a measly whiny little kid, and not a your average “I win many, many, many gold medals” garden-variety Olympian.

Luckily for us, Ryan is sharing his inner thoughts with the rest of us mortals.

The previews make this look pretty epic. Gems of wisdom like “When you think of America, you think of hot dogs,” and lessons in how to correctly pronounce “jeah,” which, btw, he has TRADEMARKED.

Oh, and this one just won me over. “Don’t duplicate, just recipitate.” Recipitate??

Aaaaaand I’ll never get those four minutes back.

WWRLD premieres April 21, if you can wait that long.

2 Responses to “Friday Find: Jeah boy!”

  1. Cakerypapery Sister April 6, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

    I will never get those minutes back either. Two questions….was that an onion ring necklace during the hot dog scene? and is he ever sober?

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