Craft Review: Darby Smart

10 Feb

So I finally got around to my Darby Smart crafting box.

Darby Smart

Overall, I’m not underwhelmed…but I wasn’t “wowed” either.

I bought the ring dish kit, which promised supplies to make four jewelry dishes.

Darby Smart project

What I liked:

  • Shipping speed: I ordered on the 5th, and it arrived by the 9th.
  • Packaging: How awesome is a nice bright blue outer box? Totally fun to come home to.
  • Quantity of supplies: In addition to the four dishes, it came with two super glues, four gold paint pens, a full can of spray sealer, and a handful of figures to choose from. Plus, I always feel like I never have all the ingredients for a craft project, so it was nice to get everything in one box.

What I didn’t like:

  • Paint pens: They made it difficult to coat some of the figurines, with all the nooks and crannies. I ended up throwing out my Empire State Building, because I wasn’t happy with how the paint came out. I think spray paint would be better.
  • Paint pens: Yes, I’m listing this twice. The pens really aren’t meant to write on the dishes with. I had made stencils on the Cricut, but when I tried to fill them in…the pens had a really streaky effect. Not. Cool.
  • The directions: There was a card saying don’t spray the sealant on the dish, just on the paint. But how are you supposed to use spray-sealant on just the painted part of the dish? No idea.

DIY ring dish

Will I buy a Darby Smart box again? Probably. I want to try some of the glass etching ones, plus its a neat concept. However, still haven’t decided if I can pull the trigger on the subscription just yet.


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