A New Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited: First Impressions

1 Jun

So now that I’m back in the world of the living after a hiatus to break up with the guy I was seeing, meet a new guy, get married, and have a baby, I decided to try Rent the Runway Unlimited. I’m about a week in, and here’s my review of RTR Unlimited so far.

What I like about Rent the Runway Unlimited:

  • RTR Unlimited is essentially Netflix for clothing. You pay a fixed monthly fee, and pick out four items – dresses, tops, skirts, even accessories- to start. Being the Netflix of clothing, you can keep each item as long as you want, or send them back, together or individually. With a trial offer of a month for $99, it’s near the same cost of doing a single dress rental. I figure I can be fairly aggressive on my returns and really get my money’s worth.
  • You can keep items as long as you want. Unlike the traditional RTR rentals that need to be returned super quick, you could keep that stellar bag for a few weeks, or take some items on vacation with you.
  • The selection is really broad, and you have access to a lot of high-end and designer items. No, I will not buy a $1200 red jumpsuit but sure I’ll give it a go as a rental.
  • It overall just feels FUN. Being a mom, I don’t have a lot of time and daycare takes most of my spare change. So, I feel like I can get some variety to spice up my wardrobe without breaking the bank.

What I dislike about Rent the Runway Unlimited:

  • Shipping time is a bit disappointing. I signed up last Saturday (May 26), and my first set of four items didn’t arrive until May 31. I understand Memorial Day was in there, but I think a week for shipping is just unreasonable, especially given how fast other subscription services are.
  • You only receive one return shipping label. So, unless you want to wait and ship all four of your items back at once, you’ll have to pay the return shipping for some of them. (Side note – there are some great shipping hacks for RTR Unlimited, but I’ll write about those later.)
  • You don’t get to pick out a new item until your current items arrive AT the RTR locations. Unlike other services where you can swap out as soon as your package is in the shipping pipeline, in this case, you have to wait until it gets back to the RTR warehouse AND gets scanned in. I’m estimating that this adds at least 3 days to the whole return process.
  • Not all sizes/items are available on the Unlimited subscription. So, if you want a specific item on a specific date, you’re better off with a traditional rental.

Review of Rent the Runway Unlimited so far:

My review of Rent the Runway Unlimited is a solid B- so far. While I didn’t like three of the items I received, I did get a fun dress that I plan on wearing to an event this weekend. And, since I’m ready to ship three things back right away, I think I’ll be able to pick out some new ones fairly soon.

I’ll let you know how the rest of it goes – shipping hacks, clothing quality, the good, the bad, and the ill-fitting. : )


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