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Friday Find: Darby Smart

10 Jan

So I stumbled across Darby Smart earlier this week – and not going to lie, I’m pretty pumped about this discovery.

Darby Smart is the BirchBox of the DIY world. Heaven, is that you calling?

They have a monthly DIY subscription service, where you can make things like custom coasters or etched glasses, which goes for $19/month. Each month, you get a different DIY project, with everything you need inside the box.

There is also a variety of DIY “kits” for sale, for projects like chain-link bracelets, fabric block printing, wall art, cocktail stirrers, etc. Most projects are under $30, with some of the more complicated ones (like wood burning) a bit pricier. The most expensive item on the site currently is a DIY Waterford crystal decanter set, which goes for $135.

I was a bit hesitant to take the full plunge on a monthly Darby Smart box, so I ordered this super-cute jewelry dish set instead. Plus, it’ll be the perfect item to do this weekend when the girls are in town. (I am, however, questioning the logic of crafting while on a wine tour…)

I’m pretty excited to try this out, and to test out the quality of the kits. Given that I had a $10 off coupon, and hopefully a solid four jewelry dishes out of the deal, it should be well worth my $26. Did I mention there was free shipping?

If all goes well, I’ll likely sign up for a few months of Darby Smart. It will give me something to do this year, and I can’t argue with “craft in a box” kits that come delivered to my door. I might even start etching my own glass one of this days.

On a side note, I also applied to be a Darby Smart designer, and I am FINGERS CROSSED HOPING TO JESUS that I get selected. I’d love to put my DIY glitter mason jar candles on there, or something of my stamping crafts. But, trying to #liveinreality and remember that this is likely a long shot.

I’ll keep you posted on how the ring dishes turn out!


Friday Find: The Honest Company

29 Nov

So – I finally decided to check out some products from The Honest Company. (For those of you who don’t know, THC is a bunch of natural/eco-friendly/organic baby & home products that Jessica Alba is currently hawking.)

I had tried the combo shampoo/body wash when I was at my aunt’s house earlier this month – and it seemed to be pretty legit. Plus, shampoo/body wash combo? Fabulous idea.

But at the end of the day, the 35% off email I received was what really swayed me. Love a good sale.

For just under $30, I received dish soap, laundry detergent, dish towels, sunscreen, and counter cleaner. (The organic veggie wash? I can go without.)

Honest Company is a subscription service, but they have a-la-carte options as well. Did I mention they make diaper cakes? And housewarming gifts? Fabulous.

So far, the products are pretty awesome. And it didn’t hurt that I ordered the bundle right when I was running low on dish soap, counter cleaner, and needed sunscreen for Key West.

It’s the little things in life, right?

Friday Find: BOND

1 Nov

A while back I posted about this cool handwritten note project, Snail Mail my Email. (Did I mention that I even received one? #awesome.)

While that was a limited-time project, now there’s BOND.

BOND sends handwritten notes (and gifts!) to people, straight from your phone. Their tagline? “You type it, we write it.”

While they do charge $5 per note – it’s totally worth it. Its just about the same cost as a nice card – and you don’t have to write it or address it. Or find the stamp, which is generally my failing.

Plus, you can sync the app with your calendar, email, FB, the like – so you don’t miss an event. The cards they send are simple and classic, clean white stationary with gold embossing.

And yes, there are days when I am so busy I need a service that sends stationary for me. 

Their gift selection is fairly diverse, and it’s best described as the love child of restoration hardware and anthropologie. Prices range from $20 and up.

There is a code for sending a free note – so it’s worth checking out.

And of course, I love apps like this, because #ilovepaper.


Friday Find: Paperless Post

20 Sep

So as much as #ilovepaper, I love the convenience that comes with electronic communications.

Yes, I said “electronic communications.” I remember life before the interwebs, people, when computers needed start-up disks and you were sent to the library to learn how to use a mouse. #truestory.

Back to the matter at hand. Mainly, it’s that I don’t have a lot of my friends’ addresses on file. So, come cocktail party time (which is allthetime), it’s easier to send e-invitations.

Enter Paperless Post.

Paperless post Electronic Invitations

No more cheesy e-vites with bad pictures of oversized martini glasses and limited room for copy and important details like “bring wine.”

Finally, a e-invite service that has designs I am not ashamed to send. (Snaps to LKS for turning me onto this one.)

Paperless Post works two ways – there are electronic invites, and you can also select to have paper versions ordered.

The designs are more like real stationary than emails, and you have much more control over the actual design elements — like fonts, type layout, and images.

Did I mention the part where you can include electronic envelope liners and response cards? So much better than an e-vite.

When the invite is delivered, the image is embedded into the actual email, so your guests can literally click the envelope to open it, and fill out the response card. There is an auto-download feature to add the event to your preferred calendar service, and an option to include a link to the location.

Plus, there is a sweet big brother aspect to it where Paperless Post lets you track who has opened your invite, bounced emails, responded, etc. (To everyone who hasn’t RSVP’d for fall beer & wine tasting, I’m watching you…)

Plus, you can track it all in an iPhone app, and set up handy reminders to your guest list. Or do old-fashioned things like export it to an excel doc, if you like to roll Windows97 style.

Some designs are simpler, with just text — which you can select from the varied Paperless Post text library.

Paperless Post card samples

Others you can customize with your own images.

Custom Photo Paperless Post Invites

The catch? Not all the features on Paperless Post are free. The paper invites, for one, cost $. And some of the more premium features on the electronic invites, like the fancier designs or the envelope liners, cost “paperless post coins.”

You receive 25 coins for signing up, and there are a variety of options to earn more. Or, you can purchase coins – 25 for $5.00. As many of the premium features are 2 coins/recipient – it works out to be $5.00 to send 12 of the premium electronic invites, if you buy the coins outright. (Still, this is way more affordable than if you ordered paper cards from a stationary shop and mailed them USPS.)

However, there are enough free designs that you really don’t need coins unless you really want of of the premium designs.

The internet and paper, together as one? I’m sold.

Move over e-vite, Paperless Post is here.


Friday Find: The Camp Gyno

9 Aug

It’s that time of the month. It’s time once again time to talk tampons.

First off, this whole “let’s romanticize having your period and make some sexy yet modern tampon delivery service” nonsense must stop.

There’s nothing sexy about having your period, unless you’re turned on by bloating, cramps, and cystic acne.

And did I mention there was already tampon delivery service? It’s called Amazon Subscribe and Save.

But I digress.

The latest in the tampon delivery service proliferation is HelloFlo.

Which is aimed at tween and teen girls. As if being 12 years old wasn’t bad enough, now your mother can send you boxes of tampons.

(And let’s be reasonable, a slogan of “tampon delivery. period.” just isn’t passing as good creative these days.)

(And neither is the Wendy look-alike cartoon character they are using on the website.)

Will you be choosing light, heavy, or medium flow? Excuse me, “flo” as they put it. Dropping the “w” does not a sexy period make.

But I do have to say they have a pretty bitching commercial.

Because having a 12 year old make it rain with tampons is pretty freaking hysterical.

Friday Find: imPRESS

19 Jul

So in addition to my mix tapes, I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for press-on nails. They’re circa 1980, just like schrunchies, which makes me smile.

Luckily, I graduated from press-ons to real nail polish and then I made a brief (two-year, #shamerattle) foray into acrylics. Complete with air brush designs and gems.

I followed up with the whole gel manicure trend, but it just wasn’t for me.

imPRESS Nails

Enter imPRESS. The latest innovation in press-on nails. But these aren’t the press-ons that I remember from the 80s.

Looks like real fake acrylic nails, right? Nope, just my press ons.

imPRESS Day 1

These are pretty easy to apply – match up the falsies to your real nails, then peel off the backs and press onto your real nails to activate the glue.

imPRESS Day two

They stayed really shiny, which I like. This is day two.

What do you think? This is about day 5, while I was still learning how to type with nails at work. I wasn’t sure when I put them on that they would even last this long.

imPRESS Day five

I left my nails on for about a week, and they didn’t get loose or fall off. Maybe a little loose around the edges towards the end, but never too the point where I was worried they would fall off.

I tried a different pattern a few weeks later. These were pretty sweet, except the pattern started to wear off the tips after a few days.

imPRESS Pattern 2

If you want to try your own pair – imPRESS nails cost about $7 – are sold at quality locales like Walmart and CVS, and are repped by various C-listers like Cheryl Burke and Alli Simpson.

Friday Find: How I will NOT be photographing my wedding

31 May

In honor of being at a Comic Con for work, I thought I would post some of my favorite wedding photos.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m not getting married just yet. (Or anytime in the near future…)

But when I do, I most certainly will not be doing THIS for my wedding.


Or this. And I LOVE disney.


And definitely not this.

cutpromotionalBut maybe this?


Just kidding.

Friday Find: Gordon Ramsay Meets Amy’s Baking Company

24 May

I have a serious crush on Gordon Ramsay.

And Kitchen Nightmares? It’s one of my favorite drinking games TV shows.

So when you need a good laugh this weekend, watch the episode on Amy’s Baking Company.

Not to spoil the surprise but…it’s EPIC. In soooooooo many ways.

First, there’s the fact that Amy’s restaurant has been financed by her sugar-daddy, ex-Vegas playboy husband.

Second, Gordon actually compliments her food! Amy apparently is good at something – baking.

Third, the meltdown is just…too good for words.

They yell at customers. Claim God is on their side. Threaten to call the police on a few people. And fire the bus girl on the spot.

Oh, and Amy’s babies? They’re three little boys…trapped inside cat bodies. MEOW!

Friday Find: Thug Kitchen

26 Apr

It’s been a long week.

And I mean a looooooooong week.

But don’t worry, I have the perfect Friday pick-me-up, courtesy of one LD.

Ever heard of Thug Kitchen?

Well, now you have.

Never trust a glove with a face.

Or so they say.

This stuff is deep bro, real deep.

And yes, I will get down on some lavender lemonade. LIKE A BOSS.

Friday Find: The Most Angry Sorority Girl. EVER.

19 Apr

If you’re reading the letter at the link below for the first time, ROCK ON.

If you saw this yesterday, YOU DON’T SUCK. (her words, not mine).

I’m tempted to think this is a hoax. In fact, I think it might be.

Otherwise, this chick needs a reality show. STAT.

And then I need to become her friend. Or frenemy.


Read all the juicy details here.


Michael Shannon has obliged with a dramatic reading of said email. She’s still the most angry sorority girl ever, but this does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?