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Friday Find: The Complainer

12 Apr

The Complainer

Oh, how I wish I was better at complaining giving feedback.

Overcooked steak? It’s not a big deal, I don’t mind.

Beans in my greens & sausage? No bother, I’ll just eat around them.

Completely horrible customer service at a store? Faulty product? Terribly long wait and then horrible service? Situations where I know something needs to be rectified? I tend to keep my mouth shut. 

(Likely because, for some freakishly odd reason, I can’t be bitchy to strangers.)

(Unless they are asking me for money.)

Which is why I’m glad overjoyed to have chanced upon The Complainer.

He is a professional complainer. Not in the awful “I just want to bitch about things way” but in the “I am dissatisfied, please work to remedy my situation and rectify this customer service failure” way.

Neighbors with a barking dog?

Bad haircut?

Missed flight?

Terrible time at your gym?

Writing a letter of complaint?

The Complainer has advice for it ALL. Let’s take the barking dog.

“You should obvious start to resolve the complaint in a civilised matter with a cosy chat with your neighbour.  Make sure that you drop by at an opportune moment and do not wade in with a hugely aggressive approach to the problem.”

Civilised (with an s!) matter? cosy (with an s!) chat? #LOVE HIM.

But don’t worry. He’s not a total pansy with his civilised chats. He goes on to talk about contacting your local PD with noise complaints, and the SPCA if you see the animal being treated cruelly. (and he cares about animals!)

THE BEST PART? He’s British, and feels it’s so very un-British to complain, but he doesn’t want to be a twitching rabbit and has realized realised that by being politely assertive you can stop receiving the short straw.

I bet my complaints constructive criticisms would sound way better if I had a British accent too.

Friday Find: Jeah boy!

5 Apr

Do you ever have that moment, where, when faced with one of life’s deepest mysteries…you wonder…


Well, wonder no more. America’s sexiest d-bag is getting his own show, courtesy of a fine purveyor of cinematic artistry.

Who are we kidding. The show is slated to be on E!

Did I ever mention that one time, when I was like 10, I was at the same summer swim camp as Ryan Lochte? This was back when he was a measly whiny little kid, and not a your average “I win many, many, many gold medals” garden-variety Olympian.

Luckily for us, Ryan is sharing his inner thoughts with the rest of us mortals.

The previews make this look pretty epic. Gems of wisdom like “When you think of America, you think of hot dogs,” and lessons in how to correctly pronounce “jeah,” which, btw, he has TRADEMARKED.

Oh, and this one just won me over. “Don’t duplicate, just recipitate.” Recipitate??

Aaaaaand I’ll never get those four minutes back.

WWRLD premieres April 21, if you can wait that long.

Friday Find: Martha’s Best Courtroom Quotes

8 Mar

Oh, that Martha Stewart.

She fascinates me.

Did we mention she’s back in court? As in, the New York State Supreme Court. From what I hear, this is often referred to as a “big deal.”

This time, it was to testify in a “contract dispute” between Martha, Macy’s, and JCP. Apparently, Martha inked a somewhat-exclusive deal with Macy’s, and then also agreed to sell her brand with JCP. Needless to say, Macy’s isn’t having it.

But, don’t you need two casserole dishes from two different stores? As Martha says, “They might have two houses, they might have two kitchens.”

Other gems from Martha’s four-hours of testimony?

Well, there was the bit about Mr. Johnson, the CEO of JCP, wearing a Penny’s shirt and tie to court. Or the part where the Macy’s CEO admitted that people don’t like Martha, but they really like her casserole dishes. Or the massive court coverage of Martha’s massive canary diamond earrings.

So far my favorite find in this whole debacle is this article with Martha’s top 13 courtroom quotes.

It’s worth a read, surely.

Because, I mean, isn’t buying polyester just really, really, sad? 

Friday Find: Le Parcel

1 Mar

Soooo…there are tons of subscription services popping up all over. First there was Birchbox, and now there is everything from snack boxes to mail-delivery cocktails.

(Sidecar…I mean sidebar. If anyone really wants to be my friend surprise me, I want the Juliboxobvi).

The latest?

Le Parcel.

Sounds fancy, right?

And it LOOKS FANCY too.

Le Parcel

But let’s be real here folks.

It’s tampon delivery.

Now, I don’t mean to scare anyone away with the word “tampon.” But, apparently going to the grocery store for tampons is the equivalent of social leprosy — so just pay $15 a month and you can get 30 products of your choice, delivered right to your door!

Did I mention it comes with chocolate too? Because that’s not stereotypical AT ALL.

And cosmetics or some special “gift.” So I can be on a sugar high AND cover my acne, duh.

On the website, under “Why every girl needs Le Parcel,” the reasons include variety is the spice of life. Now, I don’t know about other women out there, but this isn’t exactly an area where I want to experiment with new products.

“Hey, I wonder if that new tampon brand actually works, let me try it just for fun” SAID NO WOMAN EVER.

Yup. This service actually exists.

Still want to learn more? Well, I hate to disappoint, but I’m not signing up for Le Parcel…yet…or maybe ever. So I won’t be reviewing it. Glamorable has a good review up, however, where you can read all about the in’s and out’s of tampon delivery.

Have an awesome Friday.

Friday Find: Catfish

22 Feb

So…I might have developed a slight fascination with the MTV show Catfish


Why? Because there’s nothing better to do during your birthday weekend than watch trashy reality tv…

Oh, and I might have definitely downloaded the original Catfish documentary and watched it too…DON’T JUDGE.

So. What exactly is a “catfish”?

Well, according to the original documentary, catfish used to be packed into shipping containers with other live fish to help keep the live fish alive during shipping. As one man in the Catfish movie said, he’s grateful for the catfish in life because it would be dull and boring without a fish nipping at your toes.

So a “catfish” is a person who keeps you on your toes.


A catfish is a person who pretends to be someone else online, usually for the purpose of entering into an online romantic relationship. Like, say, what happened to Manti Te’O.

(And seriously, MTV could not have planned the premiere of Catfish and the leaking of the Te’O story any better unless they had actually planned it themselves.)

So what fascinates me about Catfish?

  • Some of these people are in year-long relationships with people they have never ever laid eyes on in real life before…like, ever. I mean, I suppose its the modern day equivalent of being pen pals with someone…but lets be real. “I don’t have Skype” just doesn’t cut it anymore.
  • It’s not like this is the age of AOL. Do a Google search image search people! Or just a basic Google search. Ask my mother—she’ll tell you it’s the first thing you do when you (or in her case her daughter) starts dating someone. Are the people getting scammed really this naive and they don’t google? Or, am I just always thinking the worst?
  • That there are actually people who are crazy enough to catfish someone. Every time I watch the show, and the person on it has something insane like 32 fake online profiles, all I think is, “do people like this really exist?” Catfishing someone is just so…wrong.

The people who get scammed on the show are so…likeable and endearing and I always really want it to work out for them…but then I think to bullets 1&2 above and I’m like “get smart people!”…and you know the bad ending is always coming but you can’t stop watching.

Guilty pleasure? Yes.

Fascinating? Completely.

The first season of Catfish has ended, but you can watch all the episodes online…perfect for a Catfish marathon.

Friday Find: Pinterest, You are Drunk.

1 Feb

Some emails are, by the nature of their contents, much better than others.

They have a subject line that goes something like this:

This is hilarious.

This is amazing.

This shit is freaking hilarious.


And the message? It’s usually one line, maybe two. And it’s actually funny, as promised in the subject line.

This week? It was:

And now I can’t stop laughing. And I’m anticipating that my productivity will start to creep towards…zero once I get sucked in…which…is…happening just about…NOW.

Let’s just say I would love it if I was sent this New Year’s Eve invite.

Also, thinking of making this recipe. Thoughts?

Shout out to LKS for sending such an epic find.

B-T-dubs, if you send me emails that are not funny, don’t freaking bother. Just kidding. Or maybe not.

At least title your email something appropriate like,”reading this will be a colossal waste of your time because I’m filling it with the best mediocre content I can find so just delete in advance.”

But seriously, don’t bother.

Friday Find: Sole Society

11 Jan

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a new find…but its something I’ve meant to post up for a while.

We all know how I feel about shoes – pretty much have never met a pair that I didn’t like.

(Except for kitten heels. Those are just wrong. Everything from the heel height to the name has “wrong” written all over it.)

Which is why Sole Society is great.


Here’s what I like about it:

  1. Variety: They have everything from sky-high platforms (love!) to everyday flats – and the collections are updated each week. Right now I’m really into all the neons they feature.
  2. It’s non-subscription based: Unlike ShoeMint, Sole Society doesn’t require you to have a subscription where you are auto-charged each month.
  3. Affordability: Most shoes on the site are either $50 or $60. Which, given the way I wear my heels (which is til death do us part and through the snow), is a pretty good deal. Plus, I like to change up my style based off what’s trending, but I never usually don’t have the cash to drop on a pair of Manolos.

What I don’t like about Sole Society:

  1. Shipping & Returns: There is free shipping to you, but only free return shipping if you take store credit. If you want a refund, they charge you an $8 “restocking” fee.
  2. Heel height: I can’t believe I’m saying this…but sometimes their pumps have heels that are a bit too high, even for me. Since when is “five inches” a professional height heel, unless you’re a “dancer”?
  3. No personalized recommendations: There isn’t any system to provide shoe recommendations based of what I’ve previously purchased, or what shoe I’m looking at currently. There is a “you may also like” feature, but I feel that every time I’m on the site it just shows me a random assortment of shoes.

Overall, I’ve been happy with Sole Society so far – although I ended up sending one pair of shoes I ordered back, I did find a super cute pair of black suede boots that I love (and hence have been wearing to death) and have gotten a ton of compliments on. Even if you don’t purchase a pair, the site is worth checking out.

Happy shoe shopping!

Friday Find: Timex Weekender, a.k.a. the J.Crew watch

28 Sep

I have a serious affinity for J.Crew’s Timex watch series. Straight love.

What I don’t love is the price point. I’m working hard to stay on a budget and save, so $150 is a bit steep for what would be my second/additional/unnecessary watch.

Which is why I’m enthralled with my new Timex Weekender watch.

I first saw the weekender in a J.C. Penny ad, and thought “wow, that looks a lot like the J.Crew watch. And it’s only $32???”

Here’s a side by side view.

Timex Weekender watch on the right. J. Crew watch on the left.

Sure, the J.Crew watch has more detailing in the face, but are those additional details worth $120? I think not.

(And if right now you are thinking that you’re “too good” to shop at JCP and are shuddering at the thought, check yo’ self. It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.)

Did I mention that since I’ve started wearing my less expensive ohmygodsheboughtitatTarget watch, about a half-dozen people have complimented me on my ‘J.Crew Timex’ watch?

Pretty much exactly the same.

And considering that they are both made by Timex…I’m pretty sure they are.

Friday Find: Tieks

21 Sep

So I’m not so much into flat shoes. But when I find a pair I love…I just fall in love.

And I am falling in love with my Tieks.

Tieks are ballet flats. That fold up and fit in your purse. And have teal soles.

Um, amazing.

Given that I’m hesitant to try shoes without really trying them on, I read a few of the reviews other women had posted. Every review described them as the most amazing flats ever, so I decided to go for it. (hello, even Oprah likes them.) 

I did have some initial shock at the price point…but quickly got over it once the shoes arrived.

They come in a beautiful teal box.

And inside are the shoes, pant clips, and a fold-up bag meant for carrying your heels in.

Did I mention they are amazingly comfortable? Most flats I own look comfortable, but by the end of the day…not so much. Blisters, digging into the back of your heel…the list goes on.

With my Tieks though, I can wear them all day at work and they feel as great at the end of the day as they did at the beginning. Definitely. Worth. The investment.

When I have them on, I like to imagine myself as a big-city girl, dashing to the subway with flashes of Tiffany blue peeking out from the soles, and then slipping into my heels just before I walk in to where I’m going. Oh, and there would be a theme song for my entrance.

Tieks come in a variety of colors, but each pair has the signature teal sole. Adding these to my Christmas list? Check.

Friday Find: Vintique iPhone Photo App

31 Aug

You know the saying, “the best camera you own is the one you have with you?” So. True.

Sure, I have a nice Canon T2i, but most times I snap photos on my iPhone, because that’s what I have with me. Which is why I’m obsessed with phone photo apps. It’s the closest thing you can get to having Photoshop on your iPhone.

My favorite new iPhone photo app is Vintique. It has enough filters, frames, and effects that you could make 70,560 different versions of the same photo—and that’s not including the editable portions of each effect.

You start with a new photo or one from your library. Move and scale til you have the crop you want.

You can adjust color, saturation, the exposure, gamma, and so on if you want.

Then add a filter. Vintique has 32 different filters, and each one can be customized. This one is ‘dark mood.’

I picked ‘warm day.’

Next add a vignette or texture. There are 19 vignettes and 26 different textures you can add.

Then pick from one of the 49 different frames.

Vintique has one-step sharing, and you can also import the photos into your Instagram account if you want too.

Or just save to your phone.


Vintique is $0.99 and well worth it, if you like vintage photo effects.