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Friday Find: Threadflip

17 Aug

So as we all know…one of my summer bucket list items is to clean out my closet.

When it comes down to it, if I spent money on it…I somehow just can’t part with it.

I’ve tried taking items to consignment shops to lessen the sting, but I’m always just too lazy busy to get to one. So I hoard treasure items, eventually giving them to Goodwill. But most things end up in clothes purgatory, or as it’s officially called, “the guest room.”

Which is why I’m super-excited to check out Threadflip. I first saw this on Lofty Appetite–and had to run home to try it.

Threadflip is an online boutique for gently-used clothing, shoes, and accessories. You decide the price—it’s free to list items—and Threadflip’s ‘concierge’ takes care of the rest. $7 is added to the price to cover shipping, and when you sell an item, Threadflip sends you a box and label to ship it in. Photo, list, sell, ship.

The catch? Threadflip does take 20% of the price to make a profit—but it’s well worth it for the convenience of being able to sell items without leaving the comfort of my couch home.

So far I have my online boutique up—now I just need that first sale!

The Bucket List Check-in.

15 Aug

So I started the summer off with a pretty big bucket list of “to-do’s,” since summer lasts about five minutes in Rochester.

So far, I’ve been doing…okay. Here’s where I stand:

  • Refresh and reorganize my porch: In progress. Deck scrubbed (goodbye beer pong stains), glider chair assembled, new chairs purchased on sale at Chez Target. I even ate dinner out there on Sunday night. Now, I just need to get some good lighting and outdoor candles.
  • Run a half-marathon: Completed. Ran the Shoreline Half Marathon on July 21.
  • Train for a full marathon: In progress. Officially signed up to run the Corning Wineglass on September 30.
  • Take my niece to the zoo: Planned. Hoping to take my niece and my beautiful goddaughter to the zoo at the end of August.
  • Get a really nice tan: Ehhh…it’s been raining and cloudy on Sunday for the past month. Hoping for better luck this weekend.
  • Spend one full Sunday each month doing nothing: In progress. It’s hard to do. Honest.
  • Visit my college roommate: Just returned from a visit with my grad school roommate. Does this count?
  • Become really good at piping frosting: Haven’t piped frosting in weeks. Shame rattle.
  • Make a twelve-layer cake: I still have time, right?
  • Figure out how to use my SLR camera: Um. Yeah…about that
  • Host a cocktail party: Check.
  • Clean out my closet: Who am I kidding with this? I’m a hoarder.
  • Craft one item per month off my “DIY Wow List” pinterest board: Just file this with the twelve-layer cake.
  • Lose ten pounds (and hopefully never find them again!): Not going so well. I’ve been eating lots of cake. And boozing like a fish. Must work harder at marathon training.
  • Write on my blog at least three times a week: I am such a blog slacker. And I was doing so good for a while there! There is a reason I’ve been slacking, and it’s not work, I swear! It’s that now I’m cakerypapery, girlfriend. Yes, you read that correctly…it’s a bit scary but really exciting and new and fresh.

So, the first day of Fall is September 22. Which leaves me just about 40 days to finish up the list. Here’s to having fun trying!

No, REALLY, you be the bigger person.

27 Jul

My least favorite line people drop in arguments is the “I’ll just be the bigger person” line, or some variation of this.

I’ll be the bigger person this time.

Don’t worry, I’ll just deal with it.

I’ll take the high road.

Any of these sound familiar?

BREAKING NEWS. Saying “I’ll be the bigger person here” does not, in fact, make you the bigger person. And when you do say it out loud, you automatically have stopped “being the bigger person.”

You want to know why? If you really are going to be the bigger person, YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY SO. You just do it. Because when you do say it out loud, it just sounds immature and condescending.

And hearing any variation of this immediately puts me (and the rest of the world) on the defensive. Because if you’re the one taking the high road, what does that leave me, the low road?

“I’ll be the bigger person” has friends too. Their names are “You should know what you did ” and “I’M FINE, NOTHING IS WRONG.”

Which makes one tripod that I have no desire to make into a quadrapod.

So, no, REALLY, go ahead, you be the bigger person.

Birchbox: Yes, I’m smitten.

16 Jul

Soooooo many who know cakerypapery in real life know that I am smitten with Birchbox. As we all know, I’m a sample fiend, so Birchbox is perfect for me.

At this point, you’re probably saying…”WTF is a freaking Birchbox?” and if you’re not saying that, you already know.

Birchbox is a monthly beauty sample subscription. (This is not as lame as it sounds.)

For $10/month, you get a delightful box of high-end beauty samples delivered to you. And not just the small pillow-pack samples. Legit regular size ones. Each box has five different things, and (with the exception of June) it’s always really good stuff. I’ve gotten everything from nail polish to headbands to the most amazing smelling perfumes.

Take this month. The Birchbox was sponsored by Glamour, which meant it was super amazing. (Sponsored BB’s always have  awesome stuff inside).

In my box, I have:

  • Hair UV protector oil: Might not use this right away, but planning to save it for the next time I get my hair ombre’d.
  • Stila lip gloss, full size: I already have this in a different color, so super stoked to try the darker one.
  • BB cream: Need I say more?
  • Granola bar: Yea..this is a bit weird, but go with the flow, right?
  • Mini-skin care sample pack: There are far too many steps in this, but I’ll give it a try.
  • Hot pink and blue headphones: LOVE.

The two products I am most excited for are the BB cream and the Stila lip gloss.

I’ve been wanting to test out a BB cream for a while, and I love Stila products, plus I know I love the gloss already. Given that the gloss retails for $22, I’ve definitely gotten my $10 worth out of this Birchbox.

If you want to check out Birchbox, or want to join, click here. BB is roughly the price of two lattes—and its way better than a latte.

And for the men out there, Birchbox Man is in beta–it’s $20/month, and has everything from shave creams to cashmere socks.

Living off Samples: My Travel Bag

10 Jul

July marks a busy, hectic month of work travel. And despite what one might think, business travel IS NOT as glamorous as it seems. Unless, of course, you are the owner of say…a private plane…WHICH I AM NOT.

What frustrates me most of about traveling for work (and in general) is the 3 oz. plane rule. I hate that I can’t just clear my bathroom counter off into my bag. And don’t even get me started on checked bag fees. Carry on bags? Not nearly large enough for wedge sandals.

Which brings me to my “do not fly” list of products and tools.

  1. Hair dryer: Any decent hotel will have one in the room. Not as nice as my T3, but it works.
  2. Body lotion: Just use what is at the hotel. Hotels carry everything from Aveda to Bath & Body Works products—a far cry from the Ivory soap it used to be.
  3. Shampoo: See #2. Unless of course, my hair is freshly colored.
  4. Shaving cream: A quick substitute is either body lotion or hair conditioner. Sample-size shave creams really just take up too much space.

For my “must haves”—

  1. Chi flat iron: Especially in summer heat, I need one of these. Almost 100 degrees in Indy? Bring it.
  2. Face lotion: I’m pretty particular about brand, and luckily the kind I buy comes in an under 3 oz. container.
  3. Orofluido hair oil: Without it, my mane is more-lionish and less the smooth yet bouncy look I go for.
  4. Rohto eye drops: Cooling, eye brightening, and dry eye relief. Just what I need to get rid of the “I took the red eye flight” look.

The 3 oz. rule plus carry-on bag fees have definitely changed how I pack. Products that I swear by at home are given up for hotel substitutes and whatever I can track down that comes in a sample size. (FYI—Target has the best sample giveaways…and Birchbox=love)

And even when I don’t fly, when the trip involves driving, I find myself sticking to my travel rules, even though I could bring more bags with more stuff. So I’m wondering—

What have you learned to live without while traveling?

Happy Birthday America!

4 Jul

What I’m really loving this Fourth (besides having a day off from work…OBVI) is the latest installment of Here’s to the American Spirit from Jack Daniel’s.

For the past few years, JD has commissioned independent artists from across the United States to create posters around the theme of Independence. This year’s collection is beyond amazing.

No fancy computer graphics or Photoshop here.

For obvious reasons, this one is my favorite.

You can view the entire collection and watch behind the scenes videos here, and there’s a fun Facebook app where you can create your own poster here.

Happy Fourth!

Friday Finds: Cookbooks I Love

29 Jun

Given that I’m a kitchen-cooking-appliance-tool-food junkie, I’m often asked questions about which is the best pasta maker (it depends on whether you want electric or a hand crank), what type of butter I buy (always purchase unsalted, you can always add salt in later), and what are people going to give me at my wedding, since I already own every kitchen gadget known to man (there is this green paper stuff called “cash,” as my mom says, it’s just as good as money).

But my favorite questions are always around what recipes I like and what cookbooks I own. Now, some people are all snobby and of the “I don’t cook from a recipe” persuasion, but they can go kick rocks. Cookbooks are great because the recipes have ALREADY BEEN TESTED and therefore there is less chance of YOUR FOOD SUCKING. Plus, a recipe is a great starting point and you can always change and spice it up however you like.

Here are five of my favorites. Open any one of these at my house and you’ll find the pages filled with notes, fingerprints, and turned corners marking whats really good.

  1. Dinosaur Bar-B-QueAlthough Dino has been spreading to posh areas like NYC, the restaurant was born and bred in Upstate NY. Their cookbook is filled with amazing recipes for sauces and spice rubs, plus the phenomenal dishes they are known for. My loves are the ginger green bean salad and the mac & cheese.
  2. The Glorious Pasta of ItalyIf I cooked from this book every day, my food life would be amazing. Sauces, pastas, casseroles, raviolis, italian grilling…just love this book. I suggest checking out the smoked mozz and eggplant twist on traditional baked ziti.
  3. The Joy of Cooking: If you don’t own this book, go buy it. Or, scour a good garage sale and you can probably find a copy. Mine cost me $1.00 at a church yard sale. JOC is a kitchen staple—each section gives you the basics of what you need to know on any topic, from baking to broiling to tin foil. My favorite recipe is the mac & cheese. (Yes, I might be slightly obsessed with anything that involves pasta and cheese…)
  4. The Big Book of Cupcakes: Betty Crocker really ups her game with this book. It has hundreds of creative recipe ideas for every possible occasion and holiday. Plus, it’s full of recipes hacks, each recipe has instructions on how to make it from scratch or how to doctor up a box of cake mix for the same effect. I’m partial to the peanut butter cupcakes.
  5. Everything Tastes Better with Bacon: I don’t think this book needs much more of an explanation. Every delicious recipe involves bacon, with recipes for breakfast foods, sauces, side dishes, main courses and desserts. (Yes, bacon desserts.) You can find this cookbook in my kitchen, my mom’s kitchen, my sister’s kitchen, my friends’ kitchens…it’s just that good. I love the bacon-vodka sauce and the bacon-spinach-parmesan mashed potatoes.

Happy Friday and happy weekend cooking!

What are you favorite recipes or cookbooks?

Diplomacy: College Collage Style

28 Jun

So I’ve got these college diplomas. Yes, diplomas. As in more than one. I’ve always wanted to showcase them, but like any mature adult, my diplomas lived in a safe place, you know, like the tube in which they were mailed to me.

Everyone said I should hang them up at work, but since I’m a cube-rat, that didn’t strike me as a smashingly good idea.

And then a glorious thing happened. I repainted my downstairs hallway. AND I took everything off the walls and patched the nail marks. (read: I hired a drywall man and a painter and it was ambrosia.)

So I had a lot of wall space to fill. Which brings me to this delightful frame collage. Of college diplomas.

Making things look purposefully yet not purposely arranged is actually quite hard. Technically, I believe its called making a “gallery wall.” And yes, I have multiple degrees but still find things like hanging pictures difficult.

First, I had to actually find frames that fit everything. And then wait for said frames to go on sale and/or have a coupon. Because I refuse to buy anything without a coupon.

Next, I laid them all out on the floor and arranged until I had the frames just so. Then, I called in back-up for a second opinion.

So, how do you get the photos from the floor arrangement to the wall without messing up the arrangement?

Simple. Look it up on Pinterestbecause Pinterest tells you how to do everything in life.

You flip the photos over, lay out wax paper, mark where the picture hangers are, then put the wax paper up on the wall and nail in the wall picture hangers. You can see the pin where I first saw how to do it here.


The Summer Bucket List

20 Jun

Lately, I’m obsessed with making bucket lists. They give me this odd sense of calm, as if adding things to a list makes the possibilities more real.

I have bucket lists for everything: the travel list, the scuba diving list, the before-I-turn-thirty list, the before I’m married list, the general things I’d like to do before I’m dead list. Like I said. Obsessed.

But the thing about bucket lists is, you never seem to actually do anything off the lists. So this summer I’m actually going to try to do everything that I have on my summer bucket list.

Here’s what I have on the list so far:

  • Refresh and reorganize my porch
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Train for a full marathon
  • Take my niece to the zoo
  • Get a really nice tan
  • Spend one full Sunday each month doing nothing
  • Visit my college roommate
  • Become really good at piping frosting
  • Make a twelve-layer cake
  • Figure out how to use my SLR camera
  • Host a cocktail party
  • Clean out my closet
  • Craft one item per month off my “DIY Wow List” pinterest board
  • Lose ten pounds (and hopefully never find them again!)
  • Write on my blog at least three times a week

In the spirit of being a YES, here’s to hoping I get it all done!

What is on your summer bucket list? What are you looking forward to doing this summer?

Friday Find: NARS Foundation

15 Jun

I just have to rave about the new foundation I purchased  last week. The makeup kind of foundation. It’s a liquid and it’s amazing.

Everyone knows that I’ve never been a big girl and actually purchased a liquid foundation. In fact, I never actually even wore any type of foundation until my junior year of college. I have always had a huge bias against foundation, especially the liquid kind. It  gives people lines around the face and it doesn’t let your skin show through. So you look like you are wearing a mask. And, I sort of feel women tend to pile it on (even more so if they are having a breakout) and then it looks like you are wearing a layer of frosting on your face like a cake. Face cake. Because clearly, the best thing you can do for your skin when its irritated is to pile more pore-clogging substances on top. And don’t even get me started on people who re-apply the face cake layer over tired layer at multiple times throughout the day.
Face cake is  why I’ve been extremely loyal to Bare Escentuals foundation. But, I have felt that sometimes it’s not enough coverage for me. I’d like a foundation that is more than a mineral powder but less than face-cake-frosting.
Which is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. It has great coverage that blends into my skin—no face cake lines here. A few drops gives coverage for your whole face, and my skin still looks like my skin. Plus, it moisturizes more than my mineral foundation, which I always thought dried out my skin a bit. My only complaint would be that it doesn’t have an SPF, but my moisturizer already has one, so I’m not too worried.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation. I’m officially converted. Although, I do find it odd that my shade is Gobi, which, on the NARS website, is described as “for Asian skin tones.”
And yes, mineral foundation has minerals in it. But so does cat litter.