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Falling for Fall: Photoshop Actions

9 Oct

I love fall. Pretty much everything about it is perfect to me.

The leaves change — the air changes — it’s acceptable to drink spiked cider again.

Fall. Is. Awesome.

Luckily for me, Upstate NY has great foliage this time of year. And it’s great for photo-ing. (yes, I did just use the word “foliage” in a legitimate sentence.)

Which means I’ve started playing around the my big-girl camera. And Photoshop.

My latest Photoshop love is the “actions” feature. Photoshop actions are pre-programmed photo edits that basically make for one-click editing. It’s like having your favorite iPhone editing app in your Photoshop, only better.

And because photographers are pretty cool people, you can download most Photoshop actions for gratis, which is how I like to roll. There are too many to different ones to count, but here is a great top 100 (yes, only 100) list.

So…I got crafty and I made this new cover image for my FB.

It uses lots of cross-process actions.

Here is one of the before shots. Eh.

And then after.

And seriously? Every girl needs a pair of these.


Then I played around with HDR.

Before. Eh.


Pretty cool, right?

With just one click.

Pretty. Freaking. Cool.