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Wait, you made that? DIY Lace & Jersey Scarves

15 Apr

So a few days months ago, I pinned this cool jersey infinity scarf to my “DIY Wow List” pinboard. And like most things I pin (and by most things, I mean almost everything), the scarf pin just sort of…sat there.

Until one day I got motivated, went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, and purchased some jersey fabric. With a coupon, of course.

And then the fabric just sort of…sat there. It had the best intentions of becoming a scarf…but just had trouble getting started. (and by trouble, I mean the fabric sat inside its plastic force field of a shopping bag for a few months…)

Until I was having baker’s block. Which was good for the scarves (and my diet).

And that’s how I ended up with this super-cool lace and jersey infinity scarf.

Infinity scarves are meant to be looped around a few times–they are really just one big circle, but it sounds way cooler to call it an infinity scarf. When you wear it, it looks like this. Please withhold judgement on the photo. I would so fail at MySpace due to my inability to take cute mirror cell phone photo pics…

I also made a regular (non-infinity) scarf with a double layer of lace. Which looks like this.

Like I said, I was having baker’s block.

There are many benefits to sewing with jersey, but the main one for this project is that jersey does not need to be hemmed on all sides. Which makes sewing an infinity scarf easy.

If you can sew in a straight line, you can victoriously complete this project.

To make one scarf, you need approximately 1/4 yard of jersey fabric, and then a piece of lace. The length of the lace depends on how much of your scarf you want to be lace–for the infinity scarf above, the lace section is about 1/2 yard. Once you have the jersey, trim the edges to be neat, straight, and clean–and the jersey piece needs to be the same width as the height of the lace. Else, you will have either excess jersey or excess lace hanging off the edge. I didn’t trim the length of the jersey, just went with the standard fabric width.

The photo above shows what I mean by needing the width of the jersey to be the height of the lace. Make sense?

Then, you  just need to pin the lace to the jersey on one side, stitch, pin the other edges together, and stitch. Then, you’re done with the infinity scarf. Two seams, easy breezy!

Make sure you don’t turn your loop when you pin/sew the second seam, else you’ll end up with a Mobius scarf. Which, is also cool. If you don’t know what a Mobius is…you probably didn’t topology in college. 

The blue scarf was also easy–I stitched two pieces of 9 inch wide jersey together along the long edges, to give the scarf a bit more weight. Jersey fabric really doesn’t have a wrong side, but if it did, you want to sew your pieces wrong side together and then turn right side out.

Pin a layer of lace to one end and stitch across the top of the lace and down the edge. Pin a second layer over the first, and stitch down. Repeat for the other edge and you’re done.

Happy stitching!