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Friday Find: Inkadinkado Stamping Gear

12 Oct

Yes, I did purchase something called an ‘inkadinkado.’ Shame rattle. Don’t judge, I used a coupon.

I’m going to put this in my hall of fame for best inexpensive craft purchase ever. Sure, I’ve got a Cricut, but who needs a fancy die cutter when I got this entire stamping system for a mere $8? Plus the cost of ink. Coupons folks, coupons.


Inkadinkado Stamping Gear can only be described as “pretty sweet.” Even my brother in law, who generally scoffs at things like envelope liners and all things cakerypapery, said it was cool.

So what exactly is Inkadinkado Stamping Gear? It’s stamping made simple.

The starter kit has four stamp patterns, a stamp block, and a wheel. It was $14.99 at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but there’s always coupons (duh) so you can get it much cheaper.

The idea is, you stamp around the wheel, to make these crazy patterns. The wheel has every other notch marked, so it’s easy to make patterns.

You can stamp in every notch, or every other.

I used this to decorate the envelopes for my niece’s birthday party invites.

Not going to lie, I can’t wait until people receive them in the mail. The patterns made the envelopes super fancy-looking and really gave them something extra. If only they were pink and scented…

This was my first stamping project, and the Stamping Gear made it really easy. I’m excited to get some of the other stamps to try out, and a second stamp block, so I don’t have to switch out stamps to mix patterns. There’s also an oval and circle wheel, for making larger patterns.

Overall, I’m really happy with Stamping Gear. Most impulse purchases don’t turn out this well!

Monster Mash Notecards

3 Oct

He did the mash…the monster mash!

Brings back memories of my first grade tap dance recital and green dyed leotards with matching tights…

But these monsters are much cooler.

They have glitter. And bats. Cool.

I finally got back into using my Cricut after a long hiatus, and I remember why I love it so much. It’s fast, easy, and you can make really unique stuff.

The die cut for these is on the Cricut “Wild Card” cartridge (appropriate name, right?) and I sliced them with the Cricut set to 3.5 inches. The bats are from the same Cricut cartridge and are at 2.5 inches.

For the background, I used pre-cut cardstock from one of the mat stack books. It’s easier more efficient than cutting from scratch. These cards are from a 4.5 x 6.5 inch mat stack.

I’m also back into making envelope liners.

Envelope liners are an easy DIY. I sacrificed an envelope to make an initial stencil, which is slightly narrower and shorter than the actual envelope. For the liner, I recommend using lightweight paper, not cardstock, as its easier to crease and doesn’t require extra postage. Glue in and you are set.

While I highly doubt anyone notices envelope liners…I like to think they give the cards something extra.

Card + envelope liner.

Ready to do the monster mash yet?

Clearly, I’m just a bit excited for Halloween.

Oh, and I have to dress up at my work…so if anyone has office appropriate Halloween costume ideas, please send them my way!

Best. Thing. Ever. Kraft Paper Notecards.

1 Oct

I have a serious obsession with kraft paper. And yes, I know, I am seriously obsessed with many things…

But seriously. Kraft paper. It’s amazing.

And now I found it in pre-cut, pre-folded, with matching envelopes notecard form.

Pretty much my stationary just went to the next level. Because everything looks cooler on kraft paper.

Like these cards.


And inside.

Like I said. Everything is cooler on kraft paper.

So far I’ve only seen the kraft paper notecards at Michaels. Where you shouldn’t shop unless you have a coupon. But I’m sure you can find them at an online outlet or Amazon too. I just like the in-store experience of seeing aisles of paper…I seriously…love…paper.

Enjoy and happy krafting!

A’hoy Mate!

13 Sep

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me…

But back to reality. My goddaughter came to visit a few weekends ago, and her mom mentioned that they are going to a pirate-themed party.


Not only is Pirates of the Carribean pretty much one of my favorite drinking games movies, I just so happened to have this sweet pirate ship shape for my Cricut.

(Okay, so yes, technically you could say it was just a regular ship like the Nina, Pinta, or Santa Maria…but I like to think it’s the Black Pearl.)

(And if you don’t mentally read “the Black Pearl” in a pirate voice…something is wrong with you.)

Use the outsides of the Cricut cutout for the stencil, and then use the Cricut shape for the notecard.

I had the Cricut set on 4.5 inches, and the onesie is size 6-12 months. This notecard is an A6 size.


If you want a full tutorial on painting baby onesies with stencils, here is a step-by-step overview.


28 Aug

When you think about it, saltwater is pretty amazing. It literally keeps you afloat.

I’ve even read studies that say the reason you are sad when you leave the ocean isn’t because you are sad to leave the ocean, but because your body can feel the pull of the tides, and feels lost without it.

Which is why when I read this quote, I knew it was perfect. Just the most perfect way to describe saltwater.

So I put it on a notecard.

Here’s the front:

And here are the insides:

And then I gave them to a good friend.

The end.

Quick Gifts: DIY Printed Notecards

22 Jul

Yesterday I had one of those “crap I need to bring a gift” moments. You see, I was invited to a graduation party for the sister of a friend. So, I didn’t want to show up empty-handed, but my willingness to pay for this type of gift was about $10 or less. And the moment this “you need to bring a gift” realization hit me was the moment I was leaving the house. And since giving booze to teenagers is frowned upon, I couldn’t do my standard grab a bottle of wine out of the rack and call it a day moves.

Which is why it’s handy to have blank stationary in my craft kit and notecard design pdfs saved on my computer. Open one of the card designs, load notecards into the printer, and hit print. Quick, easy, DIY notecards.

I have a variety of designs that are my “go-tos” for gifts. The ones above are my ‘hello cards.’ Hola, bonjour, ciao bella.

I also have thank-you cards like this.

I really like the old-fashioned type key font on this one. And the accent letter.

For notecards I use 4.5 x 5 inch folded cards, but you could easily use flat cards or a larger size as well. I like the folded notecards because they strike me as more formal.

Quick, easy, inexpensive to make but impressive to give. Which is the way I like it.

What is your go-to gift when you’re in a rush?

More than sugar.

19 Jul

I love you more than sugar.

Which, is saying a lot for me. Because I really, really, really love sugar.

I also really enjoy envelope liners, like the pink stripe one on I put inside the love sugar DIY card. It really gives stationary something extra. Most people won’t notice envelope liners, but for the ones that do, I like to think they are a nice little surprise when you open the envelope.

Envelope liners are an easy DIY. Create a stencil from a piece of cardstock—for these A7 envelopes it’s sort of a trapezoid shape. You don’t need to line the whole envelope—the top flap and a bit into the bottom area. Trace your stencil onto patterned paper and then cut out the liner. Using thinner weight paper is best; I would avoid anything that is cardstock weight or heavier. When you glue in the liner, make sure you don’t glue over the envelope seal part. Lesson #567 that I learned the hard way…

And then you’re done! An easy DIY addition to a homemade card, or to store-bought cards as well.

DIY Roundup: Triple Crown Onesie and Notecard

26 Jun

Okay, I know the Triple Crown didn’t happen this year.

And yes, technically this baby onesie was a christening gift, so technically a more appropriate title would be something like gifts of the magi.

But after carefully considering the fact that earlier this year someone told me that he “couldn’t go out with me because I was too religious,” I’ve decided to go with Triple Crown.

(When you’re done laughing over the fact that someone would EVER describe me as “too religious,” continue reading.)

As per usual, I DIY’d the stencil for this bit of baby onesie glory on my Cricut. The crowns are from the wall art cartridge, sized at one point five inches. If you want full instructions for fabric paint projects and stencils, click here.

The fabric paint is a pink pearl, which means pink glitter. Because pink glitter totally screams “Jesus,” don’t you think?

Normally I feel super-guilty when I cut out stencils for DIY projects, because a) I drive a Prius and b) what do I do with all the insides?

I can’t throw them away because I’m a paper hoarder I might need them in the future…so now I have a drawer full of mismatched letters and cutouts in various shapes and sizes. I CAN QUIT ANYTIME. I SWEAR.

Luckily, this time I around I “got smart” as they say. Being that I needed a card for one of my fav coworkers, I used the crown center cut-outs as the decoration on the card. FREAKING BRILLIANT.

Not to mention eco-Prius-friendly. And efficient. It’s like craft multi-tasking.

Freaking brilliant.

Does anyone else have a favorite way to craft multi-task?

I mustache you…

26 Feb

I know the mustache trend is a bit overused…but I can’t help it. I saw this easy DIY project on the Finley and Oliver blog and I couldn’t resist.

Plus, my Friday night consisted on running into not one, but TWO ex-boyfriends at the same bar.

With their new girlfriends.

Who I got to meet.

Because the new gfs “really wanted to meet me.” Which we all know means they wanted to check me out up close. Like I’m some sort of zoo animal. As I said: good luck chuck.

So, crafting fun and crazy-cute mustache items kept my mind off things (and my hands off the chardonnay and corkscrew). I cut out the letters for these on my Cricut Expression (chirp chirp!) using the Plantin Schoolbook font, with the “shadow” feature. The blue card letters were sliced at 2 inches and the green card letters at 2.5 inches. The glitter paper I purchased at Michaels–its pretty thick, so if you’re using a “slice and dice” machine like me, be sure to change the blade depth.

Now, the most important part. The mustache graphic. I downloaded an image of mustaches that I saw on the Cheddar Guppies blog. After some resizing, I traced this onto the back of the glitter paper and cut out VERY CAREFULLY. As we all know, because I am efficient (read: lazy), I use a stack of precut cardstock for the actual cards. It’s way easier than trying to cut out an exact rectangle and the paper comes in a rainbow of colors.

Arrange the letters how you like and glue onto the card stock. And then you’re set to mail out some mustache love.

Easy Paint-Stamped Stationary with Celery Roses

18 Feb

Easy, eco-friendly, impressive!

Yes, you stamp these with CELERY. The kind you buy at the grocery store and eat.

It’s no surprise that since I drive a Prius love eco-friendly projects, these are one of my favorite things to make. Let’s be real here, what else are you going to do with the butt-end of the celery, besides compost it?

To get these going, you’ll need paint, a brush, celery (duh) and whatever type of notecard you like to use. I buy the “small” celery bunch at the store. My paint isn’t anything special, just what I had on hand today. My notecards are 4 x 5.5 in, a good cream cardstock.

Everything you need for stationary awesomeness.

It’s important that when you cut the celery, you make a good, clean, straight chop. Else, you’ll have trouble with the stamping.

After you’ve brushed a thin, and I repeat a THIN layer of paint onto the celery stamp, press down firmly onto the cardstock to make the stamp. Make as many celery roses as you like on one card–whatever suits your taste. I like to stamp the envelopes too, to make it a matched set.

Press and stamp!

If you want to print words or a message onto the card (like I do with my cakerypapery tag), you need to do this BEFORE you stamp the celery roses–else you’ll have a very hard, messy and frustrating time running the stamped cards through your printer.

The best part? Each card is unique–no two come out alike. And, the whole project only takes one or two minutes per card (plus drying time). Can you tell why this projects is one of my favorites yet?

Not to mention, celery stamping cards would make a great project to do with children (just use washable paint!). I’ve also whipped up a bunch when I need a thoughtful but affordable gift for someone. You can see my inspiration for the cards here at Creature Comforts, where she uses the technique for wrapping paper.

Happy celery rose stamping!

Card + envelope? yes please.