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Easy DIY Thank You Card Set

6 Mar

So I still have a fascination with this whole “measuring” feature on my paper cutter. If I could go back to the days when I measured with a ruler and cut with an exact-o knife…I wouldn’t.

DIY thank you cards

A few weeks ago I whipped up this set of thank-you cards. I already had the ‘thank you’ part printed out since I used them for my niece’s birthday party, and I hoard save things to “use them later.”

The blue paper was left over from my ombre Tiffany card project, and the dashed line cardstock I already had in-house.

Thank you cards

A little slicing, a little glue stick action, and it’s thank you card game time.

I really like how these cards coordinate as a set.

Finished DIY thank you cards

Oh, and I still have more of the ‘thank you’ pieces to use up, so I’m sure you will see another variation of these on CP soon.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll even bake some cupcakes again soon, once I get this whole “work life balance” thing to stop being such a myth. Green velvet for St. Patrick’s Day anyone?


Grown-Up Party Favors

10 Feb

I thought I’d title this post Adult Party Favors…but then I realized some people might get the wrong impression. (insert immature 12-year-old giggles here…)

Remember the paper flowers I was making here? Well, many pages later, they found a home as the decor for my grown-up party favors.

Instead of the goodie bags full of sugary snacks, temporary tattoos and hideous hair scrunchies that you often received at childhood parties, the favors I passed out involved delicious goodness known as Jameson.

And no, I didn’t pass out treat bags full of airplane bottles…although, now that you mention it…mental note: make giving out airplane bottles trendy…

Mmmm, glug glug yum.

Instead, I made delicious (and nutritious!) Irish Cream. Yes, I like to DIY my alcohol, thankyouverymuch. The recipe was pretty simple, and there’s lots of variations out there. I used this recipe that I first saw on Pioneer Woman. Most of the ingredients I already had–minus the heavy cream and sweetened condensed milk.

When you start, your counter will look like a mess of goodness, like this:

On the way to some awesome sauce.

The skim milk really makes it healthy…LOL. And, I’d strongly encourage using Jameson if you make this at home. I feel that it gives it such an “authentic” Irish flavor. And let’s be reasonable…no one wants the hangover that you get from Evan Williams…yikes. If the Jameo is too strong (or not strong enough!) you can dial-down the intensity by adding in a little bit less than the recipe calls for.

The Pioneer Woman/Tasty Kitchen say this stays good for about two months, but I’m not exactly sure. I packaged mine into half-pint bell jars, and I hope my friends are boozebags don’t wait two months to drink it a half pint! One batch makes 2.5 pints, aka five half-pints.

All that’s left for you to do is impress your friends with your boozy culinary skills.

Anyone need a straw?

For the love of the Cricut

20 Jan

cakerypapery got amped up this Christmas. My delightful sister and frequent cakerypaperite, got me a Cricut Expression. And, while she didn’t splurge for the pink version, it’s still pretty awesome. You pronounce it ‘cricket,’ like the chirp-chirp bug kind.

The first successful Cricut card from the papery.

If I’m completely honest…there were a few (aka many) unsuccessful Cricut cards before I got the hang of it.

If you’re into card making, I would definitely recommend a Cricut. It takes a little to get used to, and is definitely a machine that will enable a paper-rubber cement-craft supply buying habit…but it’s well worth it.