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Friday Find: Tieks

21 Sep

So I’m not so much into flat shoes. But when I find a pair I love…I just fall in love.

And I am falling in love with my Tieks.

Tieks are ballet flats. That fold up and fit in your purse. And have teal soles.

Um, amazing.

Given that I’m hesitant to try shoes without really trying them on, I read a few of the reviews other women had posted. Every review described them as the most amazing flats ever, so I decided to go for it. (hello, even Oprah likes them.) 

I did have some initial shock at the price point…but quickly got over it once the shoes arrived.

They come in a beautiful teal box.

And inside are the shoes, pant clips, and a fold-up bag meant for carrying your heels in.

Did I mention they are amazingly comfortable? Most flats I own look comfortable, but by the end of the day…not so much. Blisters, digging into the back of your heel…the list goes on.

With my Tieks though, I can wear them all day at work and they feel as great at the end of the day as they did at the beginning. Definitely. Worth. The investment.

When I have them on, I like to imagine myself as a big-city girl, dashing to the subway with flashes of Tiffany blue peeking out from the soles, and then slipping into my heels just before I walk in to where I’m going. Oh, and there would be a theme song for my entrance.

Tieks come in a variety of colors, but each pair has the signature teal sole. Adding these to my Christmas list? Check.