Adios Mexico!

20 Oct

So after six beautiful days in sunny Cozumel, and after six days of amazing scuba diving, it’s back to the mainland for me. Luckily, no one got sick, we saw lots of fish, and our plane leaves at an appropriate time for an in-flight cocktail. Yeah, luckily…

After a week at the bottom of the sea, I feel like I should have some big life lessons or deep insights to share. But…this is me we’re talking about…so here goes.

  • Traveling with my dad and his BFF, aka “the dads,” is best described as an adventure. A really, really, really funny adventure.
  • I really, really enjoy the limitless supply of tap water that exists in the States. It’s one of those little luxuries that I never think about until I don’t have access to it. Not to mention my Prius-driving inner environmentalist finds bottled water quite wasteful.
  • There is always that one guy who gives American tourists a bad name. This trip, it was “big bob.” The guy smoked like a chimney, drank like a fish, and was some of the worst dive boat company ever. He was too lazy to figure out how to say “Jorge” and insisted on calling the dive guide “George.” Did I mention his personal hygiene was also lacking? GROSS.
  • I’m addicted to technology. This should come as no surprise.
  • College humor is never-ending…and I still find most of it funny. The ridiculous scuba diving t-shirts, with slogans like “divers do it deeper,” still make me laugh.
  • Everyone should get off the beaten path once in a while. Here, in Mexico, away from the tourist traps, you meet the most amazing people and find the most amazing things. You might be the only gringo there, but it’s how you experience real life.
  • I will miss this place, and diving, and getting to unwind a bit in the anonymity of being a tourist. It has been wonderful.

    But what I’ll really miss? The fact that life is much, much simpler when lived at the bottom of the sea.

    One Response to “Adios Mexico!”

    1. Cakerypapery Sister October 20, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

      Big Bob should be renamed Bad Bob. Miss you!

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